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7 Hostess's Home Bar Essentials

1:53 PM

7 Hostess's Home Bar Essentials
7 Hostess's Home Bar Essentials 

Christmas may be over but the celebrations still continue. One thing I learned from attending home gathering/parties is that the hostess can make or break the evening. The Hostess should be well supplied with certain essentials that will fit with the crowd that's invited. Has we gear up for New Years Eve, basic essentials for a party always starts with the drink. I put together 7 essentials for a home bar...If you love wine or a cocktails these 7 items are for you.

Bottoms up...

1. Glassware is an important accent to a party, you want everyone to hold a glass.

2. Coaster is important, you don't want water rings on your furniture. Also this monogram set makes it's unique for your guests. 

3. It's hard to remember all of cocktails recipes. Cocktail Bible have more than enough to go around.

4. Nothing says bartender skills like shaking a cocktail shaker.  

5. You need to keep your wine and champagne bottles cool and this Brass Ice bucket is elegant enough to do the job. 

6. A great conversation item is this Screw top bottle chiller. It does two job at once.

7. Hostess is not a host if he or she is not serving. This gold leaf trays are gorgeous for your guest to see.

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