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3 Types of Spring Denim Jackets

11:20 PM

3 Types of Spring Denim Jackets
3 Types of Spring Denim Jackets
After a very turbulent winter that extended way into Spring, the temperatures are slowly raising and people are losing the layers. One of the go-to jackets people like to pull out their closet is a denim jacket. Denim jackets are lightweight and come in different washes. Many people buy different shades of denim to coordinate with their outfit, while some people stick to just one and wear it with everything. I love a medium wash denim jacket, it's not too dark and not to light, the wash fits just right for me. So the question remains... 
What's your favorite type of denim jacket for Spring?

Light Wash| TOPSHOP MOTO Fitted Denim Jacket //  Medium Wash| Target Merona Women's Denim Jacket // Dark Wash| Armani Jeans Lace Trim Denim Jacket

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