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Get The Look: Stripes + Dots

11:51 PM

Get The Look: Stripes + Dots
Get The Look: Stripes + Dots 

Mixing outlandish prints can be intimidating, but looking at the Burberry Spring '14 styled looks got me thinking about mixing just the basic prints. The basics prints are stripes and polka dots, you really can't go wrong by wearing either of them. However based on the Burberry collection, mixing is a fresh way of wearing your basic prints and eating wearing it two. Tip: The scale of each print have to be moderate of each other, so if you're wearing a wider stripes and pair it with slightly larger polka dots, visually you want the combination to be balanced.
Stripes or Polka Dots, which is your favorite print?

Get the stripes/dots look ...

1. Monochrome Striped Reese Shirt by Equipment  // 2. Kaliko Stripe Monochrome Skirt by John Lewis //  3. Black and white striped leather bow detail pumps by Prada // 4. Beckett Vegan-Leather Perforated Shoulder Bag by Saks fifth avenue  // 5. Bandoleer Leather Shoulder Bag by Marni // 6. Polka-dot flocked-tulle and satin skirt by LULU & CO   // 7. Polka Dot Reese shirt by EQUIPMENT  // 8. Polka-dot canvas slingbacks by KATIE GRAND LOVES HOGAN 

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