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Get To Know: Crowns by Christy

10:31 PM

Get To Know: Crowns by Christy
Get To Know: Crowns by Christy

I met flower crown designer, Christy Meisner at an Old Navy Press Event not that long ago. She had a table full of her hand designed crowns for bloggers and editors to try on, which everyone loved.  It's the perfect time to catch up with her as festival season and the Spring/Summer weather is upon us. Flower crowns were all over Coachella and has Govern's Ball, Bonnaro and Lollapalooza are all in a few weeks, I picked Christy's rosy brain about her flowers crowns and brand.

Read the Q&A with Crowns by Christy ...

Chic Inspector: How did you begin making flower crowns?
Christy: I started teaching myself how to make flower crowns last summer after seeing so many inspirational photos of cool girls wearing different styles at Coachella. I have always loved flowers and making arrangements at home, but this was a new challenge for me. The first crown I made was with small, white roses I pulled from the backyard of the house we rented last summer and it was secured with dental floss because that was the only form of string or wire I could find around the house! It smelled amazing of course, but I realized that I needed to go shopping for some more legitimate flower crown making tools : florist wire, ribbon, wire cutters etc.

What influences you to arrange the types of flowers?
I LOVE color. My closet is filled with every color of the rainbow and I rarely wear black. I love prints, brights, mixing different colors… I just figure, WHY NOT?! You can wear whatever you want every single day so it may as well be something that makes you happy, right? This is also my motto when it comes to making the flower crowns. I love experimenting with different types of flowers in different colors because every single one turns out so different and that’s what makes it so fun to wear them.

What's your favorite silhouette of a flower crown?
Honestly, it depends on the occasion and outfit. I wear the tiny headbands I make out of paper flowers to brunch sometimes, but if I was going to the park or outdoor concert, I would certainly go all out and wear a bigger, brighter flower crown. I love making different styles that work for any occasion and personality because everyone enjoys something different.

Is there a particular hair styles that compliment wearing a crown?
Yes and no. Flower crowns often look best on hair that is down and flowing loosely, but as I meet so many beautiful ladies who try on my crowns, I start to find cool ways to style them with the hair that they have going on that day… The other day, this woman had this perfect bun in her hair so instead of messing up a good thing, we wrapped the crown around the bun and voila, genius!

Besides festival season, when is the next perfect occasion to wear a  floral crown?
Weddings! Bridal crowns are my favorite and are great for the bride, flower girls or bridesmaids – there is nothing more beautiful than wearing flowers in your hair on your wedding day (in my opinion!)

Are you looking to expand your business?
We shall see! For now, I am just having so much fun making custom pieces for friends and amazing women who are brave enough to embrace a colorful flower crown

Who do you sell to?
For now, I am just doing personal orders via my email: Christy@CrownsbyChristy.com and Instagram @CrownsbyChristy , which I love because I can customize the flower crowns based upon someone’s outfit, personality or individual style. That’s what it is all about to me… really helping someone to embrace the style they already have and add an exciting accessory that makes everyone smile.

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