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Brand Spotlight: Sin Without Jewelry

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Brand Spotlight: Sin Without Jewelry
Brand Spotlight: Sin Without Jewelry
Slut, Cunt, Bitch... Don't get upset, I'm not calling you those names. Those phrases are just a few of the words inscribed on the inside of the Sin Without Jewelry rings. As Erin Blase, the owner of Sin Without Jewelry explained. "it's just a celebration of yourself". What's great and ironic about these Sin Without Jewelry rings if you wear one ring or stack them up, no one on the outside can't tell what the inscription says; it's your personal choice to pick whatever phase you like. 

Brand Spotlight: Sin Without Jewelry

I chatted briefly with Erin to see what she had to say about the concept of the rings and see more of the NSFW rings.

(ChicInspector.com) How long have this brand been around?
(Erin Blase) I started the line in August 2013 so it will be a year old next month.

Also, why those specific words on the inside of the rings?
The original concept behind the line was to pick phrases that described the wearer's "shadow self", a term Carl Jung used to describe a side of the personality you don't consciously or normally identify with. And from that I wanted to make opposites for every word and thought about how my best friend and I would wear them. So I would buy the Sinner ring and she would have the Saint one etc. None of the phrases are ever meant to be offensive or derogatory-it's all about a celebration of yourself, no matter what that is and a reminder to never take things too seriously.

How many rings do you recommend to wear per hand?
Honestly, I work with my hands a lot so I often don't wear many rings, which is also what I like about Sin Without's-you can wear one or 9 and it still looks fine! When I do remember, I'll wear 3-5 rings per hand because sometime's I'll stack them but anything odd numbered looks best to me. 

Brand Spotlight: Sin Without Jewelry

Will there be more new words development in the future?
I'm working on new rings as well as new bracelets. The original idea was to make ones with the seven deadly sins, so that's where we're going to expand next!

Are you going to expand into other categories of jewelry?
I definitely plan to expand into other categories for the line-necklaces and bracelets for sure. Possibly earrings but we'll see! I'm actually working on a really special necklace/ring right now for myself that is a slight diversion from the line and I may offer it once it's ready and just see if anyone else wants one as well.

Brand Spotlight: Sin Without Jewelry

Brand Spotlight: Sin Without Jewelry

To shop Sin Without Jewelry, visit their website.

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