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Designer Spotlight: Stephanie Kantis

10:57 PM

Designer Spotlight: Stephanie Kantis
Designer Spotlight: Stephanie Kantis
I met jewelry designer Stephanie Kantis two years and yes she was very lovely, what I couldn't forget was her zest for her pieces especially the Coronation Necklace (as seen above). The coronation necklace is part of the Versital Collection, this necklace can transform into 7 styles from a long lariat to a belt. Stephanie also designed a pendent with black onyx, malachite, labradorite stones so her consumer can adorn their coronation necklace to whatever their style. All of Stephanie Kantis pieces are 24k Gold-plated, which means it will not tarnish easily. 

What do you think of the Stephanie Kantis brand?

See below of my favorite Stephanie Kantis pieces...

You can visit and shop, StephanieKantis.com

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