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Accessories Council's Back-to-School Essentials

12:30 AM

For those of you that's about to head back to school, it's that time again! I attended the Accessories Council's event hosted by Lyss Stern, founder and president of Divalysscious Mom. She offered some great items that will resonate with parents and kids preparing for back to school season. 

Here are some of my favorites from the event ...
1. STEPHANIE KANTIS Nobility Necklace -This necklace has a patent Slip-on Style Clasp that can transform into a belt, bracelet, tie and many other forms of body jewelry.

2. RANDOLPH Bright Chrome & Matte Chrome Aviators - I love a good sunglasses and nothing is more classic as aviators.

3. CARLOS by CARLOS SANTANA Carryall - This large hobo bag is a perfect option if you don't want to carry a book bag, the chain on the sides gives off an edgy appeal. 

4. CALVIN KLEIN Bookfold Wallet & Key Fob - This is great for that male student that needs to have a little organization for money and receipts.

5. RUUM AMERICAN KID’S WEAR Sequin Dot Backpack - I never had a backpack that was this flashy during school. This a fabulous way to get noticed by your fellow classmates.

6. DEOS iPHONE 5 Pink Leather & Swarovski Wave Case - An iPhone definitely needs to get glam and the subtle crystals on the back of this case makes a statement.

7. DAVID & YOUNG Fashion Scarves - Infinity scarves is a versatile way to transition from  Fall to Winter, and having one in a fun print doesn't hurt either.

8. ROMAN & SUNSTONE Triangle Pinky Ring - The pinky finger usually gets ignored of rings on the hand, dress it up with this art deco inspired ring.

9. BCBGENERATION Herringbone Fedora - Fedora is an easy way to look cool and calm around your classmates.

10. BIG BUDDHA Carmen Wallet -  With all the money they may be spending around this time, I this wallet is for the parent! 

11. BOY MEETS GIRL Tights - Out with the boring opaque tights, these are has prints that will let you stand out from the pack.

12. FOSSIL Florence Collection - Aside from having an phone, you can get retro and use this watch to tell time.

Lyss Stern, founder and president of Divalysscious Mom

Jewelry Designer, Stephanie Kantis

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