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Actress Anna Kendrick Stars in Kate Spade New York Holiday Campaign

6:50 PM

 Anna Kendrick in Kate Spade new york Holiday campaign video, "the waiting game".
 Anna Kendrick in Kate Spade new york's Holiday campaign video, "the waiting game". 
Actress Anna Kendrick will act as the muse for kate spade new york’s “The Year of Adventure” campaign with a video titled, "the waiting game". The video below features "touchable" moments embedded within.  While you watch, you can tap the items that grabs your interest. Viewers may shop all the looks featured by touching the product, thereby producing a link for purchase at the end of the video. Touch the scene in which Anna's drags her Christmas tree home and find tips for how you can get your own tree home. Touch the scene featuring the brand's favorite pup Milos and see what others have to say about working with him. Also, part of the partnership, Anna Kendrick will collaborate on original content for the brand including films, online editorial features and social media campaigns.

Press play and shop the items from video...

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