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Q&A with Jewelry Designer, Zoe Chicco

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Q&A with Jewelry Designer, Zoe Chicco
Q&A with Jewelry Designer, Zoe Chicco
Zoë Chicco is one of the only fine jewelry designers in Los Angeles to both design and produce all of her jewelry in-house in downtown LA without outsourcing or having her jewelry manufactured overseas. 2015 marks the 15th anniversary of the Zoë Chicco brand and the designer has no intention of slowing down. Zoë, a trained goldsmith, has personally taught each of her three full-time in-house jewelers. She also spent time and energy into creating pieces with a meticulous eye for detail and quality.  I had the pleasure of asking Zoë more about her brand and designing a successful collection. ...

How would you describe the Zoe Chicco brand?
Delicate and modern, sexy but elegant, with the perfect alchemy of style and femininity women are looking for today in their jewelry. Fine jewelry is an investment so it is important to me that my pieces withstand the test of time.  I try to make jewelry that goes with everything in your closet – the go-to pieces you want to wear every day.

What are favorite trends in fine jewelry?
I am really into the ear trend happening right now.  I always liked mis-matched earrings and multiple piercings, but that is at a whole new level now with ear cuffs, charms and climbers.  Ears are having a fun moment.

Is there a particular piece of jewelry from your line that you love or hold sentimental value?
I love my bar series. It was one of my first collections and continues to be my best seller 10+ years later. It holds sentimental value because the first pieces were created and named for dear friends of mine, one of which I've been friends with for over 20 years and the other for a couple to mark their first anniversary, and now they have been married for over 11 years.

Q&A with Jewelry Designer, Zoe Chicco

What's the secret to a successful collection?
Try to do something different and stay true to your vision - having a point of view is very important.
Make the pieces you want to wear - you have to wear your jewelry!  You have to love and believe in something in order to sell it, not to mention at shows and events the pieces I sell the most are always the pieces I am wearing.  People love to see how things are worn.

Name one place that's you've travel that continues to inspire you?
I travel a lot, but I find that the west coast, where I live and work is what inspires me the most on a regular basis. I love the laid back vibe here, it translates very well into my design aesthetic.

If you weren't a jewelry designer, what profession would you have?
I don’t think I could ever get away from design, so I would have to say an interior decorator.  I love to design spaces as well.  I am constantly looking and pinning things for my home, and I am running out of rooms to decorate.  So I think it would be fun to design for other people’s spaces too.

Do you have any advice for aspiring jewelry designers?
“Work hard and play nice” - My parents instilled in me a strong work ethic at a very young age. Simply put: if you want something, you have to work for it. Starting your own business takes a lot of dedication. In the beginning I was working pretty much 24/7.  It wasn’t  just designing and making things, I had to do everything myself until the business could stand on its own and I could afford to hire additional help.  That period took a lot of dedication. . As far as playing nice goes - that golden rule is a family standard - be nice to people and treat them the way you want to be treated. I have always tried to do that in my private and professional life. And as a result, many doors have opened.

You can purchase Zoe Chicco jewelry at  Neiman Marcus, BloomingdalesFree People and ZoeChicco.com.

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