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Inspection Report: Mathieu Mirano Fall/Winter '16 Presentation

11:09 AM

Inspection Report: Mathieu Mirano Fall/Winter '16
Who: Mathieu Mirano Fall/Winter '16
Where: Pier 59, NYC
Overall: Mathieu said, "I stood still for hours using my sense of physical touch to understand what the wind would appear like if it weren't transparent." This was regarding his inspirational trip to Egypt, where he spent weeks in the desert, traveling down the nile and had an eye opening (no pun intended) experiencing a sand storm. Mathieu emphasized that he used his sense of erupting emotion, this come through the gowns designed with a twisting effect, the palette is similar to the hues of  a rainbow and the sculptural ball gowns had round surfaces and asymmetrical constructions. I think Mathieu definitely achieved the emotion of creating movement without movement.
Grade: B

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