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3 Eco-friendly Brands That Are Taking The Right Steps Towards Sustainability

4:32 AM

Earth day shouldn't be the only day when we incoporate eco-friendly practice however we can recognize the brands that are eco-friendly year around.

 Fashion Designer Marcia Patmos of M.Patmos exclusively told me, "items are made by fairly paid artisans."  Since the launch of the line in 2011 Marcia worked with artisans from Bolivia and Nepal and  99% of everything is made from natural fibers that are either undyed or dyed with AZO free dyes. Materials are sourced from near the factory or workshop to reduce fuel use. Handmade items use little or no energy to create.

HawkEco is an extension from outerwear brand Hawke & Co that's going to launch Fall ’16. HawkEco is creating a sustainable lifestyle by developing products that has little impact on the environment. The brand uses recycled fabrics made of plastic bottles. Depending on the coat, eight to thirteen bottles can be used on each coat, which uses less consumption of natural resources. To learn more about the Hawke & Co, go here.

Launched in January 2016 eyewear brand, Awear  is designed with sustainability, style and comfort in mind, The brand's mission is to make the world a better place with both flair and substance. Awear is able to seamlessly merge sustainable manufacturing with fashion-forward designs and featherweight comfort. All frames are made with sustainable materials (bio-based plastic) that are recyclable. The material used features high chemical resistance, eliminating the need for typical spray coating, which reduces water usage in production. To see more of this eco-friendly eyewear line, go here.

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