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Olympic Gold Medalist and Mom, Kerri Strug Collaborates with Miracle Links.

12:25 PM

Olympic Gold Medalist and Mom, Kerri Strug Collaborates with Miracle Links.

Mother's Day is here and  Olympic Gold medalist Kerri Strug has collaborated with Miracle Links for a collection of jewelry designed around the circle shape. The interlinking circles for Miracle Link symbolizes the special bond between a mother and her child it also signify unity and harmony.

Kerri knows a thing or two about unity and harmony as she was part of the iconic Magnificent Seven during the 96 Olympics. If you lived under a rock , Kerri Strug road to winning the gold during ’96 was something spectacular has a Kerri landed her last vault on a very awful ankle injury securing the US Women’s Gymnastics team for the gold. 20 years later her unity and harmony comes in a form of her own family and the lessons she learns everyday as a Mother. 

Kerri spoke exclusively with Chic Inspector about the Miracle Links collection and on being a Mom.

On the Miracle Link Jewelry collection
“The pendants are beautiful and they’re meaningful, which I think to a Mom is the most upmost importance. For me honestly, I can’t really describe what being a mom is. I’ve always wanted to become one and now that I am, it’s a lot more work than i anticipated, but a lot more joy. It has changed my life for the better and made me kind of take a step back to be more patient and accepting. I think to be more present to enjoy the journey. The [Collection} in all of that it represent, it symbolizing that enduring internal love that a Mom has for her child. In a way it hits home for me, so it’s nice to be talking about it and representing it."

Have you used that olympic world class training into being a Mother?
"A little bit, especially I think the skills i learned through athletics. My children are so young  and i hope that they get more into being organized and having time management skills. i hope they will learn about perseverance, dedication and discipline. Right now they’re interested in having good time. As a mother learning that there are things you can and can not control. As an athletic you set a goal and then you go to the back and take the appropriate steps to get there.Whereas this is their life, not mine and I have to allow them to do what they need to do and they need to grown on their own. It’s been a learning process for me too and I have to continually check in with myself and learn from our mistakes."

Favorite Mother’s Day gifts 
“Anything my children make for me is pretty special."

Looking for forward this mother’s Day, 
“Some down time and relaxing time. Just enjoying the day.”

The Miracle Link collection is available at Jared The Galleria of Jewelry at Jared.com

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