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Incorporating Meditation In Your Daily Schedule

5:03 AM

Incorporating Meditation In Your Daily Schedule
Do you meditate?
If you’ve been watching the news lately, there’s an abundance of heartbreaking stories basically everyday. It’s hard sometimes to even go on social media because something tragic always pop-up. The constant negativity and sadness can really put a tool on your spirit and energy. One thing, I  recommend and practice myself is meditation. Having a few minutes of silence gives clarity and perspective for yourself and your actions going forward. I recently took a meditation session with Emily Fletcher from ziva MIND, which offer online meditation training.  However one challenge I do face is incorporating it in my busy schedule. I'm no expert to tell you how to get started when it comes to meditation, however Emily Fletcher did provide me some tips to share with those interested in meditation.

So if you're a busy bee like me, here are Emily's tips on arranging meditation in your schedule...

1. If you don’t schedule it, it won’t get done! The first thing to do is to make meditating a priority and actually put it into your calendar every day until it becomes a habit. In zivaMIND, you are led through an 8-day program to help you establish a routine that you can keep up on your own.

2. Learn a solid technique from a teacher you trust. Meditation is like any other skill, you need some training and some practice. Don’t expect yourself to know how to meditate before you have any guidance.

3. Get creative. It’s not always elegant or pleasant, but sometimes you have to meditate on the subway or be late to something in order to make sure that you fit your meditation sessions in. Again, better to do it and miss the movie previews than to fall asleep during the film because you missed your afternoon meditation."

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