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Photos from the #WomensMarchNYC

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Photos from the #WomensMarchNYC 

January 12th of 2017 was a monumental day for the US and actually around the world. This was my second protest but my first for 2017. I found out about the #WomensMarch via instagram and immediately followed  and I know I will be joining together in their peacefully protest on the 12th. For the past few months with the election and the results, it's hard to ignore the shift that has happened in the country, more importantly as an African-American woman it would be stupid of me to stand idly by. There were many reasons why I turned out on the 12th but instead of me listing all of my reasons,  see all of photos i took of super creative posters by the march in tow.

If you attended the #WomensMarch, what was your main reason?

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