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Yoga at the Life Time Athletic at Sky

2:46 PM

Yoga Session at Life Time at Sky in NYC

If you follow me on twitter or on my insta stories you might know that I'm a huge advocate for yoga. There are so many benefits of yoga, it 'sgreat for the joints, meditation, flexibility and overall good for your mental health. Last week, I took an outdoor yoga class the at Life Time Athletic at SKY as a way for them to introduce their yoga program.  The Life Time Athletic at Sky is an urban retreat in New York City representing the ultimate in healthy living. So if you're new to yoga or an advanced yogi and want to add some variety to your yoga practice, their new yoga program for the Summer/Fall is pretty lit.

Yoga Session at Life Time at Sky in NYC

The program includes,

  •  Root (fundamentals): Introduce Root to current members as a free welcoming of yoga into their fitness and wellness routines. Going back to the basics, Root will lay the groundwork for mindfulness and mental clarity. 
  •  Be (meditation): Encourage those with a busy lifestyle to calm their active minds with BE. Programming will focus on pregnant women and corporate outings in order to grow niche market memberships. 
  •  Surrender (yin): Encourage members and non-members to take Surrender every day after a workout to calm muscles for the week ahead or every day for ongoing clarity. 

  • Flow (Yinyasa): Position Flow as a workout alternative, option for the professional yogi, or active recovery class, strengthening, stretching and preparing muscles for their next workout or session.
Yoga Session at Life Time at Sky in NYC

When you're done with your yoga session, you can dip in the pool at their gorgeous on SKYDECK or grab a bite to eat the LIFECAFE. Either way, this Summer is the best way approach your long-term health and wellness goals.

Yoga Session at Life Time at Sky in NYC

How are you staying active for the Summer?

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