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Are You Ready to Switch to An All Natural Deodorant?

7:08 PM

Are You Ready to Switch to An Natural Deodorant?
Are You Ready to Switch to An Natural Deodorant?

I've been considering switching to a natural deodorant. I was researching and found out that the regular deodorant has aluminum chlorohydrate which prevent us from sweating excessively and giving off a funk. My fitness regime is pretty intense, I take 4-5 HIIT classes a week, hot yoga and resistance training which mean I sweat a lot ...a whole lot. My deodorant has to pass the sweat test and also make sure I "feel" fresh through out my days. I understand there's a ton of chemicals that the common deodorant use to make us "feel fresh" for 24 hours which is the aluminum chlorohyrdate. However Wellness Guru, Francheska Medina said on her podcast the Friend Zone, that the transition to an all-natural deodorant may requires your body to detox and adjust to the natural deodorant. That means more sweat and not smelling too well until your body conform to the new natural deodorant stick for a few weeks to maybe months. This information through me for a loop, I understand with pretty much anything there's an adjustment period your body have to go through.  Even a close friend who tried to make a switch immediately stopped because her underarms were burning... yes burning!

There's a shift that's happening in the beauty and wellness industry where consumers are being mindful what chemicals they are putting in and on their bodies. The deodorant products is a starting point that people are researching and implementing into their daily routine.

If you want to make a shift to an all-natural deodorant below are a few picks that some of these were personally recommended.

Do you use a natural deodorant? 

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