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Freddie Harrel Brings Big Hair No Care to NYC

5:05 PM

Freddie Harrel with the stylist at StyleBox

UK Fashion and Natural Hair Blogger Freddie Harrel is bringing her natural hair extension line, Big Hair No Care to NYC.
For two weeks Freddie Harrel will be at Stylebox in Brooklyn. Freddie's infectious personality filled the room with fans, natural hair bloggers and influencers celebrating her launch in NYC. Freddie began this natural hair journey after going through the motions of relaxing her hair, trying wigs and weave and now found an easy way to still rock her natural hair but it embrace it a little bit more with extensions. These extensions clips into the hair and comes in a wide range of hair textures  ie. 3A-4C.

So if you're Brooklyn and want to stop by to meet Freedie or just need a hair revamp visit Stylebox in Brooklyn.

Freddie Harrell

Celebrity Hair Stylist Ursula Stephen
Celebrity Hair Stylist Ursula Stephen 

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