A fond farewell to Teen Vogue

10:11 PM

Teen Vogue

I guess a second time is a charm. The first time I interviewed at Teen Vogue was the same time (in the same week) I interviewed for my first internship. That day I actually had two interviews with both of the assistants, tip: Always carry more than two copies of your resume. I had to sadly decline the internship because it conflicted with the class schedule. A full year later saw a posting on Ed2010 that Teen Vogue was looking for fashion interns and I quickly emailed in my resume. I got interviewed on Monday and started my Teen Vogue internship that Wednesday.

While I was there I was surrounded by fabulously dressed editors and I had a great boss. I’ll miss Teen Vogue but this isn’t a farewell to my internship but also a farewell to my status as an undergraduate student. Now that I graduated it’s a farewell to an old me and now I’m ready to embrace the workforce with all the teachings, mistakes and journeys that I’ve been through as a student.

Hello World!

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