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Once upon a time under the tents at Bryant Park during fashion week I was hounded by questions by a curly haired boy, no taller than five feet. We were in the line for the Twinkle show and he wanted to know how does someone get tickets for this shows? Obviously he snucked in and was clueless of the machine that runs New York Fashion Week.
Fast forward to now Marc Sebastian has crashed the front rows of the top shows at Bryant Park. Back in March he won Best Designer of the Year for FIT at the Fushion Fashion show. His collection was judged by people in the fashion industry including Fashion Editor Mary Kate Steinmiller, she blogged about it on the Teen Vogue Blog.
So I recently played catched up with Marc who's now 6ft tall (way taller than me).

Do you consider yourself a pro at attending New York Fashion Week now?
Marc: Ha, get out of here. I don’t think anyone can be a pro until your actually just waltzing on into the shows. It’s a lot more work than I think a lot of people make it out to be. I don't sneak into to spread havoc I sneak in because I like to network and I like the atmosphere and there is just something about Fashion Week that is so oddly inspiring to a new designer trying to make it in this unforgiving industry.

What have been the craziest you've encounter during NYFW?
Marc: Hmm craziest encounter. There’s been a lot of times where I am like in an elevator with famous editors and I am like, "How the hell is this happening right now?" I did get shot by the Sartorialist not once but twice. That was really cool. Hmm, I am really trying to remember here.
Oh, here’s a good one. After the ADAM show I went out the backstage entrance and when I opened the door
I hit Jennifer Love Hewitt in the face with the door. Ugh that was really awkward.

Don't give any good secrets away but do you have any tips to my readers that might consider going to New York Fashion Week for the first time?
Marc: Don't do it to be really honest. The only reason I did it was because I was stupid and naive. Go to the tents (or soon Lincoln Center) and stand outside and network that way. It’s really risky inside and there have been tons of moments where I tell my self I am doing something really stupid right now. It either pays off or you get into a lot of trouble. If you really want to go, then do it. Don't take no for an answer and have a good time.

At what age did you start to design clothes?
Marc: I started designing clothes when I was around 14. I was originally going to a specialized high school for culinary arts but was so enamored by fashion. I took a Saturday Live class over at FIT and fell in love. I told my mom I wanted to do fashion and she just looked at me and said okay then do it and I never looked back.

Who is your ideal girl you want to wear your clothes?
Marc: My ideal girl is someone who’s easy, cute, and feminine with a hint of bitch to her. I want my girl to know exactly who she is and I want her to love what she wears. My clothes are really detail orientated so that when someone buys them they look down and feel good. Celebrity wise I'd love to see my clothes on Anne Hathaway and Taylor Swift, I know I have tons of other girls but I just woke up from a nap so please forgive me readers.

How did it feel to win Designer of the Year at Fusion?
Marc: Man, to be honest I didn't feel. I was way too overwhelmed that I literally just started crying and balling my eyes out. I used to watch last year's show all the time and would always think, "Imagine I won? Nooo that doesn't happen to people like me" and it did and I was literally just speechless. Thank God they did not make me talk up there as I would have just been silent. To be honest the second I found out I had won I thought, "MY MOMS GOING TO BE SO PROUD OF ME!!!"

Marc Sebastian collection at the Fusion Show

If you could design for any fashion house which one would it be?
Marc: Wow, good question. There are a couple. I'd have to say top 3 would be Balenciaga, Chloe or Proenza Schouler. All for different reasons.

What's next for Marc Sebastian?
Marc: Well I think I will be creating a collection for the next Fusion and that will hopefully get sold in some stores. But for now I am taking a break and interning/working/sleeping my little heart out. You can check out my Etsy at for updates and soon I will have a website!

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