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FINI Debuts at New York Fashion Week

5:15 PM

FINI Shoes Debuts at New York Fashion Week

To kick off Fashion Month I attended the Fini Shoes Pop-Up shop in NYC. Fini Shoes was launched this year by creative designer Dami Adepoju. What’s really amazing about these shoes, it’s made out of  pure creativity and it allows whoever is wearing the shoes to change the look with a minimal zipper system.  The seamless zipper system can transform the shoes into six completely different looks. Not only is this function convenient but its also sustainable.

I had the lovely chance to do a quick Q&A with the Dami to pick his brain about Fini Shoes. See below…
FINI Shoes Debuts at New York Fashion Week

FINI Shoes Debuts at New York Fashion Week

What's the story behind the name FINI?
The name Fini comes from my grandmother's nickname. I love having a catchy name that's easy to remember, while also having a personal connection.
How many ways can the shoes transform?
The debut product comes with attachments to create 6 totally different styles. We also have an add on with fur that can be purchased separately.

Dami Adepoju
Fini Shoes Designer, Dami Adepoju

 What was the moment you realize that the industry needed this type of shoe?
 I was packing for a trip, and realized the challenge of packing several different pairs of shoes while trying to maximize space in a carry on. I have always had a personal passion for shoes, so limiting my "looks" to one or two pairs was hard - especially when transitioning from warm weather to cold. There had to be a better way! As a resident of New York City, the same applies for closet space and for people living on a budget.
 Do you think your Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering degree aided you in crafting this show? If so, please describe.
Absolutely - I am thrilled to be getting my masters in sustainable fashion, but my undergraduate degree really impacted how my mind works. I was able to conceptualize the design using my personal passion for shoes coupled with my education.
What is one thing you want your consumer to walk away with when they wear your shoes? 
I want my consumers to be inspired by the versatility of the shoe. I want them to realize the excitement of wearing the shoe during all seasons, and being able to change their style based on their mood.

FINI Shoes Debuts at New York Fashion Week

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