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GRIT BXNG Arrives In NYC To Pack A Punch

1:59 AM

GRIT BXNG Arrives In NYC To Pack A Punch
GRIT BXNG Arrives In NYC To Pack A Punch

Heavy hitters Pitbull, Tony Robbins and Bill Zanker (Founder, The Learning Annex) have teamed up to launch the most innovative concept in fitness that just launched in NYC.
GRIT BXNG is a 50-minute full body workout that includes strength, cardio and a powerful boxing sequence. The 5,000 square foot flagship location is in Union Square, the new studio has a full audio system (similarly to what you might hear at a concert venue), lighting system and a full liquor bar.

GRIT BXNG Arrives In NYC To Pack A Punch

As an avid fitness enthusiast and someone who have taken quite a few different HIIT classes in NYC, I have a few Pros and Cons

PROS: You're getting a multi dimensions workout within 50 minutes. The amenities are great and the showers are clean. The classes are darkly lit which is great because you feel less intimidated and less pressure to look at anyone. It's easier to focus on the exercises that you need to do, instead of being distracted looking at your neighbor. The music is loud and bumping, it makes it easier to get into a groove. The very best part of the studio which I haven't seen in many studios there are 2 large screens (one for the boxing sequence and one for the floor sequence) which showcases the set of exercise that needs to be done for that particular round. This is extremely helpful guide in class.

GRIT BXNG Arrives In NYC To Pack A Punch

CONS: Fast paced, which can be intimating for a newbie. AS the instructor is splitting his attention to three stations, he can barely give members any correction on form or feedback. Also as someone who respect the world of boxing, the boxing sequence was a challenge me. From hitting the bag, the proper feet placement, and what muscles that need to be engaged to get the full range of motion I was completely lost and unaware if i was doing it correctly.

In all, I had a great time burning calories and being soaked in sweat. 

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