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Five Brands to Highlight for Black History Month

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BrownMill's clothes are produced using recycled textile material driven by a strategy called Urban Upcycling. Pieces of salvaged material are incorporated into every design, creating entirely new garments crafted to perfection.
To support the brand, click the link for their crowdfund project.

Africa Boutik

Africa Boutik is brings a contemporary mix of jewelry and interior accessories. The brand focusing on exploring the Imprint of Africa/African Diaspora on Fashion and Design  and aims to empower by showcasing the creativity and innovation that comes from Africa.
To shop, click here 

Rebel Chic NYC

Rebel Chic's collections are delicately handcrafted from re-purposed leather  or vegetable tanned leather. The owner and designer Tisha Brown has a Zero Waste Eco philosophy by creating collections in small batches and making pieces as they are ordered.
To shop the collection, click here 

Ultraviolet Jewelry

Ultraviolet Jewelry, founded by Nicole Mebane that specialized in crafting jewelry and accessories around semi precious stones.

To view and shop the collection, click here 

Aziza handcrafted

Aziza handcrafted is a gender neutral jewelry line founded by jewelry designer Aziza Nicole. Aziza Handcrafted is based in Brooklyn, NY and is heavily influences Egyptian mythology.
To shop the collection, click here 

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