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Staying In? Here are 8 Fashion & Beauty Podcasts to Listen at Home

5:23 PM

Staying In? Here are 8 Fashion & Beauty Podcasts to Listen at Home
Staying In? Here are 8 Fashion & Beauty Podcasts to Listen at Home

How are you feeling lately? Tired of binge watching Netflix documentaries and scrolling through Instagram? Well if you want something else to pass the time during quarantining, here are some fashion & beauty podcasts to give you some relief.

  1. So...What Do You Do Again?: Hosted by Naomie Lizee an Associate Editor at Vogue Magazine highlighting the lives and journey of women of color in the fashion industry.
  2. The Conversation with Jason Campbell & Henrietta Gallina: By far one of my favorite podcast that is unfiltered and honest about  aspects of the fashion industry that many fear to speak of.
  3. The Color Files Hosted by Julee Wilson: Julee Wilson as an interviewer is energetic and infectious, however just a few days in the quarantine she announced her departure of Essence Magazine. I'm not sure of the fate of The Color Files podcast, whoever decides to takeover will continue to get dope interviews from upcoming entrepreneurs and fashion tastemakers. (update: The Color Files will not continue but still listen to the many interviews of successful women in the archive.)
  4. The BOF Podcast: The Business Of Fashion Podcast is the audio offset version of the BOF website. In many of the episodes includes fashion professionals talking about the ever evolving fashion industry.
  5. Naked Beauty: The Naked Beauty Podcast by Brooke Devard is the hottest and the most refreshing podcast streaming right now. Brooke interviews a vary of women in the beauty industry and share tips on how to obtain a healthy skin regime. I also suggest visiting the Naked Beauty IG page where Brooke shares her DIY face mask and all-natural recipes.
  6. Leave Your Mark with Aliza Licht: Aliza is a fashion executive and was the personality behind the famous twitter account, DKNY PR. Aliza shares her career experience with many of her successful friends, some of whom are designers to public relation professionals.
  7. The Barneys Podcast: RIP to the Luxury retailer Barneys, but their podcasts still lives on the interwebs with interviews with Martha Stewart to Thom Browne. The episodes are on average of 30 mins long but filled with gems.

Honorable Mentions
Brad Behavior with Brad Goreski: This highlight episode is when Brad reunited with stylist Taylor Jacobson and they rehash their time working together as Rachel Zoe's assistants and filming reality show for the Rachel Zoe's Project.

Share your favorite fashion & beauty podcasts below...

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