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#ThrowbackThursday Pyer Moss Collection 3 at Kings Theatre

1:27 AM

Pyer Moss Collection 3
Pyer Moss Collection 3 F/W'19 Runway Show
pic credit: achtung-mode.com

I would like to dedicated this #ThrowbackThursday to the Pyer Moss Collection 3 runway show that was held at Kings Theatre in Brooklyn. When I first watched this video during fashion week last year, I got chills. I got chills not because of the clothes ... the clothes were fire. Collection 3 was proof that Kerby Jean-Raymond grew tremendously as a designer. However the production of show in itself was dripped in Blackness that was uplifting and empowering. The show began with singer Brent Faiyaz and then to speaker/author Casey Gerald, who gave a powerful story about how since slavery black people have been resilient, even in the worst of times.

In the past few hours, the news broke of Ahmaud Arbery, a black man that was tragically gunned down while jogging by two white men. News like this keeps happening and it hurts every time and it doesn't get easier as we live in a country that feels like our bodies and health is disposable.

But as you watch the below video of Collection 3, I hope it gives you some calm and positivism, we as Black people can still push through to create art, design, dance, sing and more over rise above to be brilliant.

vid: youtube.com

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