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Devi Brown on the "I Don't See Color" Response During The #ShareTheMicNow Campaign

1:51 PM

Devi Brown & Barb Schmidt #ShareTheMicNow

#ShareTheMicNow was a campaign that ran on June 10 on instagram where over pair of 40 women  used their platform to amplify the voice of black women. These black women ranges from Activists, Fashion editors, PR professionals, Authors and other black women in different professional industries.

I was going to post several of my favorite moments from the #ShareTheMicNow campaign that I watched and listened to, but instead I was drawn to one IG live that shook me to the core.

Do you remember when designer Marc Jacobs had faux locs on his Spring/Summer 2017 Runway show? Here's an article to refresh your memory.
 During that controversy, Marc decided to go on his IG page and say, "I don't see color". As a white man using that phase to combat cultural appropriation was extremely dismissive to the huge issue at hand. However, "I don't see color" is a common response to racism and racial inequality in this country 
by many white people. During this time with the murder of black bodies on video, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and most recently George Floyd. There have been an uprising of consciousness with many white people now, they want to speak out and on the racism that is happening, hence the birth of #ShareTheMicNow. 
Still with the awakening of white allies, there are many white people still reiterating, "I don't see color" as a response racism...TODAY.

Devi Brown, a wellness expert and author during the #ShareTheMicNow campaign, was on Barb Schmidt's @PeacefulMindPeacefulHealth IG live dropping gems for the Non-black listeners. 
She elegantly went into detail on, "I don't see color." Which is a term based in white privilege and the inability to be compassionate to someone's else trauma.

I urge White and BIPOC to listen and watch Dev Brown talk about the Black experience and trauma, Black Lives Matter and how white people can show empathy and open space for BIPOCs.

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