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Has the pandemic gotten you to fall off track from eating healthy?

5:01 PM

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The past several months haven't been easy for anybody. 
Here’s my truth… I’ve gained 12lbs. As many of you know, I do variations of kettlebell training workouts. Wanna know my guilty pleasure? Cookies and donuts! To maintain or lose weight is all about your nutrition and eating habits. We can exercise all the time, but with eating junk food and sugary treats, there’s a high likelihood for weight gain.

 I knew after stepping on that scale, I had to make a change. What’s helped me stay on track is to be focused and intentional with some form of structure. I wake up in the morning, drink 8 ounces of water and have my 9am workouts each day. Then have my meal prep ready. Recently, I started using the Ari Coach app, which is designed by dietitians and athletic trainers to help create healthy eating habits. I use the app because it’s super easy - there’s no calorie-counting and I can pick delicious meals that I like!

 The Ari Coach app has weekly meal plans that are tailored for your goal, body type and workout schedule. Since I train and teach kettlebell workouts virtually, I need to be properly fueled for swinging those weights around. 

 So if you need to get back in the swing of nutrition, head over to the app store and download Ari Coach for free. 

 Happy Eating! 

 Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Ari Coach, but opinions are my own.

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