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Aranyani, The Luxury Indian Handbag Brand Is Sustaining Their Communities

2:32 PM

Aranyani, the luxury Indian handbag brand
Aranyani, the luxury Indian handbag brand

Aranyani, the luxury Indian handbag brand, is continuing to focus on giving to their communities that consist of talented artisans. Aranyani’s mission of supporting and sustaining the communities it touches has grown since the company started three years ago.

Aranyani, the luxury Indian handbag brand
Haresh Mirpuri, Aranyani’s Founder and Creative Director, will be providing rent free accommodations for the artisans and their families, to planting an orchard and gardens which allow them to grow organic food, Aranyani ensures their team is supported and sustained. This support extends to their children who received educational grants from The Aranyani Educational and Vocational Trust. The trust, formed earlier this year, began by sponsoring the education of three children this year. They plan on funding the educations of 15 more students in 2021. 1% of the proceeds from all Aranyani sales is contributed to the trust.

The company has even maintained its entire staff throughout the pandemic. During the lockdown, with the atelier closed, all staff continued to receive their pay as well as training and developmental skills in computer technology and English. Each team member also received medical insurance for their families and extended family.

Aranyani just launched a special edition Red Onyx Bracelet in celebration of the new year, go to the Aranyani's website.

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