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Five Apps That's Changing My Shopping Habits in 2021

5:59 PM


Yes 2020 is technically behind us, but the effects will linger for months ahead in 2021. One of those effects are my shopping habits. Flashback to March of 2020 and the national lockdown happened and shook us all to our core. As we were adjusting to the shift in our daily routines, so was the part of my day that I would decide to go to the mall, a clothing store etc to shop. Leaving my house to shop for clothes and certain essentials is now a thing of the past. From the comfort of my home and the palm of my hand, I can obtain basically anything I need to thrive in my home. 

Below are the ecommerce apps, that have been so clutch during the past year and mostly will be beneficial in 2021.

1.) Wardrobe In Motion App.-  WIM is an e-commerce fashion app driven by AI technology, showcasing fashionable looks based on engagement that will be displayed in the feed. Also I have the opportunity to become a content creator by submitting my own videos after I  purchase, so I can possible earn cash to spend on new clothes! Think of Tic tok meets Poshmark. This is a 2021 way of engagement and utilizing my purchasing power.

2.) Amazon - Instead of brick & mortar malls, I now consider Amazon an online mall. You can order groceries to electronics. It's almost a one stop shop for practical everything you need.

3.) Ulta - During this lockdown/pandemic obviously I need to keep my skincare regime consistent as much as possible. Ulta has a range of lotions, masks, hair products, nail polishes and all of beauty essentials. Truth: I had to throw out many of my makeup because beauty products does have shelf life. Buying replacements is still on my to-do list. Just because I'm in the house doesn't mean my beauty routine needs to falter.

4. )The WoMi™ App - After the George Floyd murder it was clear to me and many in the Black community that there's a major wealth disparity in this country. There's systemic oppression that is holding many Black people from establishing wealth. The WoMi App is a digital directory of woman, BIPOC & LGBTQ+ owned small businesses. It's important for me to support the Black women entrepreneurs. This app has a plethora of brands and products and I know if I buy some an item(s) it will help another Black woman.

5.) Etsy - From wall decals to macrame wall hangs. I've brought many items from Etsy that were handmade and handcrafted by some amazing artisans!

Pic credit: BBC.com

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