"Bloody Thursday" at Time Inc

7:12 PM

My internet is finally back on but that's not the point as I was browsing my usually fashion blogs and came upon this post. This is seriously sad I mean yes it's sad to the many workers at those magazines who got laid off, but for me and the future fashion students interesting in having careers in the magazine world this "Bloody Thursday" is not too promising if you know what I mean. Once I read the news I called my sister who assured all is not lost and that I still should continue my efforts. I will always try to be my best, after coming from Walt Disney World where I learn that the corporate world can be a great achieveable place to be but it also can be a place of ugliness from all aspects. My sister also pointed out this major cut can be due to the war in Iraq. Even since the war prices has gone down and many companies have to cut back on cost or employees. But it's not that as the CEO Ann Moore assured us, but some much people at the same time and majority of them are on the editorial side. I understand gradually letting people go and gradually trying upstart something fresh and new for the magazines.
I just hope in the future that if there is need of major cut back of employees the company can hopefully work it more than nearly 300 people losing out on a job. If so I will be moving to Europe.

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