My Day Back in the City

2:16 PM

Well I had an interview with Laboratory of Merchandise a.k.a LIM on 5th avenue. Even though at first I went to the wrong location which was at East 53rd street it was all good because I got to see what I have been missing for the last 5 months which was the museums and fabulous stores that make New York City, NEW YORK CITY. While I was walking to the right location I pass the Museum of modern art, the Museum of Art and Design also the essential 5th avenues stores such as Versace, Saks, Salvatore Fergamo, Fendi and probably more if the cold wind wasn’t hitting my face so hard. But anyway LIM is one chic college I mean there so-called lounge/computer center is the cutest. I know that I have applied to Berkeley College for the April semester but like many things I would like to have my options open and to see what else is out there. LIM compare to Berkeley has many courses I am soooo interested in but unlikely LIM, Berkeley is way more affordable for me. LIM tuition for the semester is the triple the amount to what I have to pay for Berkeley. I got there and one of the admission lady did my interview, when the question came about my previous employment I swiftly told her that I came back from my 5 months internship working for Walt Disney World and from then we basically had like a 20 minute talk about the rides and attractions at Disney. This was my first post Disney-Program Disney talk with someone. Oh one more thing I can say about the lovely ladies that are students there is that all of them that I had encounter were so refined and well put together I mean all the ladies were in pointy toe high heels shoes of boots with their expensive designer handbag. You can call me the opposite, I wear flat ballet shoes and none designer handbags because my lack of money can only allow the finest of H&M and Forever21.

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