"The" week is approaching

10:57 PM

Well after coming back from my five month internship in Florida my primary focus is using my contacts from the time I went to the Fall 06 fashion shows in NY to get a position backstage as a dresser. I feel as am I about to start my Fashion Marketing Management courses at Berkeley College in NYC that I will need to learn what goes on backstage. Don't get me wrong it's fabulous to sit down and watch the shows but what I need is to get up close with the clothes, with the process and hopefully talked to some models and also make some connection with the people handling the shows. I would like to also mention "The Hills" second season is coming back to MTV on Jan. 15. I am really interested on how this season will turn out, will many of the scenes from the trailer not show up in the actually episodes? I don't know, I will have tune in to find out.

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