All the Rage at the Marc Jacobs Show

10:18 AM

As I was speaking with the Fashion Director from Canada we started to talk about the Marc Jacobs fashion show. Even though early in morning I watch the fashion show at Marc Jacobs website, she was actually there, can you say jealous. When I asked her, "How was it?" In one word she replied, "Beautiful." She also said the Marc Jacobs collection was her favorite by far in NY. It raised a questing in my head, does Marc really has an main aesthetic for his collection? No! One thing which I think why many people adore Marc is because he always keep people on their toes each season, because each season is so different from the one before. Who would have thought that same designer who redefined layering mixed with grunge for the Fall 2006 collection would have designed a collection so 1950's with clean lines and gorgeous coats.

This coat is so lovely.

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