Early Morning at NY Fashion Week Day 5 the Tibi Show

3:48 PM

Today, very early today I attended the Tibi show designed by Amy Smilovic. The show started a 9 o'clock. I live in NJ so I basically I had to wake 3 hours before the show started also known as 6 o'clock. I arrived in NYC exactly has I remember 8:45, I then brilliantly hailed a cab right away during rush hour and arrived at the Tents at 9:04. When I went to the press desk a resilient pr girl smiled from ear to ear and ask me, "Last name?" When I told her my last name she gave me ticket for the standing room. So while I was waiting around the fountain, it dawn on me majority of these chicettes here are waiting for the Monique Lhuiller show; which is understandable for the fabulous clothes early in the morning. The Tibi show was really cute and wearable. I noticed in the Tibi runway show and other runway shows that designers are putting gloves with certain looks and I love that. Tibi collection was sort of a reminisce of the Great Gatsby. My favorite looks from the show was the deco drop waist dress, the whirlwind jazz dress and the night forest Fitzgerald dress.

Front Row Watch-Out: Christina Ha from Full Frontal Fashion and Suze Yalof Schwartz from Glamour Magazine.

After the Tibi show I was sitting waiting for the Monique Lhuillier show to start when I ask the lady next to me was she waiting for the show to start she she yes and we started to have a conversation. Anyway turns out to be that she is a Fashion Director at a store in Canada. She asked me did I see the Tibi show and we started talking about that. She said that majority the collection she would use it for her store because it had really great wearable dresses and coats. The lady was really nice she asked what so far was my favorite show I saw I said the Matthew William show and then I said the Marc Jacobs show. In the next post I will elaborate on that (Marc Jacobs) in the next post.

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