Give Kudos at Fashion Week

8:38 PM

I didn't attend any shows today I just rest and did a little shopping (fashion week will do that to you). However I would like to reflect on yesterday happenings at Byrant Park because I was there basically the whole day. I would like to give kudos to those fabulous gals even though it was 18 degrees and windy which felt even colder, those gals wore jersey dresses with opaque tight. Okay hear me out now with it being 18 degrees outside and windy opaque tights will not and can do it for me to keep warm, but hey, kudos. Better you than me.

Anyone one that was in the lobby area for a good length of time probably saw this very queeny young guy wearing a leather jacket, blue ripped jeans and peep-toe heels. Yes honey he was wearing peep-toe heels. There was one situation I was sitting reading the Daily and a girl (I believe she was a buyer for Scoop, not sure) that was on phone saw the guy strutting his way across the lobby and she repeatedly said "Oh my God guy in heels, guy in heels." So I give multiple kudos to that "guy in heels" at Bryant Park for being fearless.

I will also like to give much kudos and applause to model Lindsay at the Terexov show who wore the aubergine silk-chiffon gown, even though the back of the dress wasn't low at all it was very visible to a huge scar down the spine of Lindsay. When I saw this the first word that came to mind was, brave. Even people in the surround rows were whispering about the scar on her back. I am giving kudos to Lindsay because a lot people (designers, agents, editors, stylists) put models in front of us normal people as an object of beauty and perfection and to see her wearing a gorgeous gown, great makeup, skinny (not too skinny) and tall, it givie me a feeling that not all things or people at Fashion Week are that perfect.

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