A feeling from a building

4:59 PM

Today I did something unconventional walking from school, I went towards Times Square. I usually try to avoid the choatic Times Square just because there are too many tourist and people forcing me to buy something. However as I waking down 42nd street towards Broadway I slowly and I do mean slowly strolled by the infamous Conde Nast Building. I literally wanted to stay in front of the building like a paparazzi and take pictures of any editrix that just might step out if those glass doors.

Instead I took a deep breathe and looked up at the building wondering which magazine are on what floor. However I did get the feeling that was remindful of the same feeling I had when I was in the 8th grade looking at a high school I so badly wanted to get in and be a part of, this high school had everything I loved; dance, drama, music basically the school was about the arts. Well basically to sum it up I didn't get into the school and that was my first taste of rejection and boy was it bitter.

Slowly strolling past the Conde Nast building I recieved that same feeling it was a bit eerie and weird though, that feeling of wanting to be a apart of, I guess one day it will happen, I guess.

You all can check out the pics I took at Time Square:

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