My Class Project: Fashion Magazines

9:48 PM

For my class presentation honestly was okay, first thing I am not a great public speaker so I tried to smile all through out but that really didn't help. But anyway I started off with showing the class a powerpoint presentation with the images below.

I talked about how Vogue and Harper's Bazaar were the first women's magazine and talked a little about the Editors in Chief, Anna Wintour and Glenda Bailey.

Then I showed this images of what the first(?) issue of each magazine looked like, the Vogue was from 1928 and the Harper's Bazaar was from 1867.

Then I talked about how advertisers are important for the magazine and the designer.

My presentation board was based off the July issue of Glamour Magazine of course. I talked about how the clothes are photographed in each page so that the readers can clearly see the style and fabric. I concluded my presentation with showing the class my video interview with Suze. This is the edited version even though I didn't show the class the whole video, I showed only when Suze was in the fashion closet (I didn't want to be in front of the class too long).

However I thought because I was in a room full of fashion students they would be thrilled and a little amazed that I did a interview with Suze and that I got a personally tour of the fashion closet all caught on video. But they weren't even slighty ethused. While I had the video going I took a quick glance around and all I saw were blank stares of minor boredom. The only person that appreciated what I did in that class was my fashion Professor, of course. It's all good, I know I did something great and achieved a great product out of it.

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