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Okay I wouldn't call myself an extreme girly-girl or a tomboy, however I prefer wearing jeans or bermuda shorts with ballet instead of heels. I am not the one to step out my house just in a dress unless an occasion presents itself. I admire many fashionable ladies who can wear short dresses that is barley covering their a$$es walking out on a windy day. I do have many jersey dresses that I have collected through stores such as H&M and Forever21 that I wear with skinny jeans.
Maybe that's a fear a mine not really dabbling in this trend of dresses. I love to walk around and the thought of my dress flying up in the air or that I might take a tumble while crossing the street (I've seen it happened) and my a$$ will be out on display; the thought makes me cringe. But anyway an occasion has presented itself where I desperately need to look chic but effortless. As I was trying to put multiple items in my closet nothing did anything for me. So I went to H&M and brought two dresses, when I went home and tried on the dresses with my peep-toe heels I realize the phenomenon with dresses this season. It's not a headache to figure out just put it on and go the only problem now is which one to choose. UM!!!

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