Farah Angsana Couture Paris Spring Summer 2008 Collection

7:50 PM

That's really a long title. But anyway I absolutely fell in love with the first looks of the the runway which were all white it gave me a feeling of serenity. What I completely admired about Farah with this collection all of the gathering and draping detail on the bodice of the dress were all by hand. Also what I my personal favorite ingredient of this collection was that majority of the gowns were made out of silk jersey fabric . I am not that much of a dutchess satin or any fabric that looks like it's about to crack and crumble when a person sit. All of my favorite were the ones that flowed and draped elegantly coming down the runway.

The video is 85% of the runway show and don't laugh at the model who tripped on her coral colored gown. *a light chuckle is fine*

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