New Year Resolutions for 2008...well not really

10:05 PM

I really don't know who has really kept their so called "New Years Resolution." I wouldn't say what I am about to write is consider New years resolution but just a lists of thing I need to get done when the holidays are over, Jan 2, 2008. Since the week of Christmas many offices and businesses were closed which stalled some of my plans plus I can't wait until the holidays are over, working in retail around this time is a monster. But anyways here is the plan for 2008.

1.)Save up for a new laptop
I realize when browsing many fashion related positions knowing how to use a MAC is pretty essential. Also it make sense all of the magazines I believe uses MAC.

2.)plus get ready for fashion 5-6 months cycle.
I need that laptop!!!

3.)Invest basic long sleeve tees
I have been buying many cardigans to put over my short sleeves tops I haven't really brought and long sleeves top yet. Mixing and matching during the cold weather is fun. *sigh*

4.)Learn different knitting technique.
Knowing the basic knit and purl is good but spicing it up with learning how to do cables is even better.

5.)Sell items on Ebay
My closet is a feeding ground of clothes I never wore, I never will wear and clothes that just don't fit. I don't have problem saving clothes, right now I am wearing jeans that I brought when I was a sophomore in High school, I am 22. I just think it's time to let go.

Happy News Years everyone!

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