On the set of a photo shoot

4:32 PM

Photo shoots can be unfortunate for any designer (check video to the left), editor photographer or model.
Things can go array the lighting doesn't work, the model is passed out or something else(!!!). However when you are working with positive people with great energy fabulousness can happen. In my case when I was on the photo shoot set with designer Kimberley everything was beyond positive. It was a beautiful day (no clouds in the sky), the models Pamela and Angel was fierce, the photgrapher was funny as hell. Basically to sum it up it was a brillant to be among everyone on the set that, even though at the end of the night the temperature dropped the everything ended on a high note.
Watch the video below
On The Photo Shoot Set With Kimberley Foley

Here some of the people in the video Myspace page profile
Make-Up Artist Cynthia Rose
Model Angel Tang
Hair Stylist Linh Nguyen
Designer Kim Foley

Photographer Dan Santoso

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