On The Photo Shoot Set With Danielle Evans

*Remember this* 

I had the pleasure of attending a photo shoot courtesy of Josh Marks and Linh Nguyen with Danielle Evans, that's right the cycle 6 America's Next Top Model Winner. Danielle was completely down to earth and had no problem with me capturing her shoot on camera. The photographer Josh Marks was such a sweetheart with great taste, the location Cascina Ristorante was his idea which created a wonderful ambience for the day. Anyway below is the video I put to get together.

To see more of the photos from the shoot here is the LINK

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Quote of the Day

Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick
"America's youth found their way of life or their expression or themselves through Andy Warhol and the Factory. But not like in rock 'n' roll. This was more for people who were "closeted," a little more intellectual and intelligent, who found an opening that they felt was their own."

Billy Name in the June/July issue of Interview Magazine
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The truth about Interning from former Vogue Interns

I just read this post from the The Cut and I have to say this didn't seem fair when I read that Sean Avery the “intern” for Vogue Magazine had his own company email address, getting paid minimum wage and will be going to the Couture shows in Europe. If all interns we treated with such great pleasantries but that doesn’t happen. In the post two former interns talk about their experience at Vogue Magazine.

Ashley: "We had a meeting in the very beginning of the summer and they were like, 'We're not going to tell you you have to go buy a whole new wardrobe and buy expensive clothes, but it's a high-fashion magazine — you should dress the part.' It was kind of hard to wear heels — we would bring flats in our bags, and everyone would change into them when we got really uncomfortable."
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Inspected Resort Trend : Keeping it long, Maxi

Inspected Resort Trend Long Maxi Dresses

A trend to emerge from the Resort collection this season are these long flowly maxi dresses with bold prints. There is a mild hint of bohemian but not too much to get me turned off.
I never wore a maxi dress before but I would consider if it was made of silk like the ones above.
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Inspected Spring Trend: Who Wears Short Shorts?

Inspected Spring 08 Trend Shorts
I wear short shorts!
Yes,  since NYC is like a boiling pot of heat and humidity my main zone of being comfortable while walking the blazing sidewalks have been my short shorts. Granted my shorts  are not that short but it's appropriate for school and other places that I go. Shorts have come a long way since playing in the sandbox as a child to now with the right length and cut can transfer to the office work space. Above are my favorite inspirations to get me through this stifling heat wave.
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Happy Birthday...to the Blog

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Spotting: Coco Rocha

Just saw Coco Rocha on 42nd and 5th,wearing all black plants and shirt, black flats and listening to her mp3 player. (Really, all black in this 95 degrees heat!?!). That's right... she will be at Milk studio tonight discussing "The Beauty of Health" with the CFDA.
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Quote of the Day

"Ballet flats are for outside of 4 Times Square."
-Suze Yalof Schwartz in WWD
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Street Inspected: YSL Sneakers

Chic Inspected Street Style

Today I saw Matt at the Astor Place station what stood out about him wasn't his blond hair or patent leather bag it was  his high top YSL sneakers. 

In the wake of YSL death it's great to know his influence can not be only seen on the runway but in the streets as well.

YSL Sneakers
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“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”

Fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent died at the age of 71
Yves Saint Laurent passed away today at the age of 71. He was a legendary visionary that embrace his sense of feminine style on the fashion world. His style and legacy will live on.

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