Daniel Vosovic Fall 2011 Collection

2:07 PM

I was really disappointed headed to see the Daniel Vosovic Fall collection I forgot my digital camera and had to resort to using my iphone which equals not so great photos. I tried my best to take good pictures. But I digress, Daniel is definitely one of those popular contestant from the Project Runway of yore that stood out. His Fall 2011 Collection was the mixture of two worlds, Old Country and Dominatrix and sex. I was was given the scenario to imagine a girl coming from the country and heading to the big City in which she embraces her new life but still hasn't lost her country roots, I totally understood. The most fascinating collections are those with a story that is of two opposite worlds. My favorite pieces of the collection where embellished with septum rings, yes septum piercing rings. I usually see septum rings in someone's nose but designing onto a blouse sheds a whole new light facials piercings.

The print of this dress is actual sex masks. How kinky and sweet?!

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