The Royal Wedding Hoopla soon to be over?

4:44 PM

Hopefully after tomorrow the Royal Wedding madness will simmer down a little bit. I'm not the one of those, "I'm sick about hearing about the Royal Wedding." I'm actually excited that I get the chance to witness a Prince and soon to be Princess wed at Buckingham Palace. My parents when they lived in Jamaica watched the Princess Diana wedding and told me of all the festivites that involved with the event. Here's what I was and still am sick of hearing, all the designer rumors of who going to be designing the wedding dress. Every designer under the sun at one point was in the press of being the possible designer for Kate's dress. As soon a name was announced it got shutdown as being untrue.
Another thing I'm annoyed at is the many fashion people or self-proclaimed Royal Wedding Experts talking about what designer Kate SHOULD wear.

Give me a break?!

I like fashion because I can express myself through clothes and break the rules which makes fashion fun. However some people are really going overboard with their dictations on someone's wedding attire. I'm not trying to put Kate Middleton in the mold of Princess Diana; different woman, different style.

I'm embracing this historical moment with an open mind and clean slate. This is a modern couple hopefully going do to things their own way.

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