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Q&A: Kyle Anderson, Senior Accessories Editor

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Kyle Anderson Senior Accessories Editor ELLE Magazine
During Fashion Week I had a brief chat with Kyle Anderson, the Senior Accessories Editor at ELLE but now I get to have a deeper dialogue. Also to the fashion reality shows buffs, Kyle also appeared on a few episodes of The City working with Olivia Palermo. Below is a q & a with Kyle discussing how he moved up in the ranks at ELLE and his favorites accessories.

How did you come to work at ELLE magazine?
After college I was an intern at Esquire, Cosmo GIRL, Marie Claire, Vogue and then Elle. I started freelancing with assistant work at Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitan and then back to ELLE. I got hired shortly after I started freelancing. But it took almost 3 years to get a permanent job.

What does your job as the Senior Accessories Editor at Elle magazine entails?
Usually I spend the morning going on appointments to see the new collections for all of the designers. I edit all types of accessories from American and Italian designers. After a morning of appointments I come back to the office, eat lunch and then I meet with stylists to pick out accessories for their shoots and also work on shopping pages. At around 6:30-7 I usually meet with press people or designers for cocktails or dinner. Almost every night I go to events until around 9/9:30pm. On Tues/Thurs and Fri I go with my friends to clubs. I see most of the people who I work with designers, stylists, editors, models out at night too. So it’s also kind of “work”. But fun.

If you weren't working in fashion what would you do?
I’m really interested in dermatology and laser skin treatments. I also consider working in psychology.

Kyle Anderson Senior Accessories Editor ELLE Magazine

Is there one trend you want to see go away?
I hate kitten heels, unless you have a foot problem and can’t wear heels.

Are there any trends you're excited about?
I like fur and this season I saw a lot of bondage/ s&m inspired fashion. I really like sexy, tough, rock n roll trends.

What are your favorite places to go shopping in NYC?
My favorite stores are Barneys NY and Bergdorf Goodman.

How would you describe your personal style?
I'm mostly influenced by military and rock n roll. I love camouflage, ripped jeans, leather pants leather jackets and metal hardware details. I love Balmain Homme and Burberry Prorsum.

Kyle Anderson Senior Accessories Editor

What's your favorite item in your closet?
My Rolex. I wear it every day. It was a gift for my 30th birthday. I love it.

Is there one accessory a woman should always have with her?
I’d say invest some money in something classic. A classic Hermes or Chanel bag, a Rolex or Cartier watch, Chanel ballet flats, Louboutin black leather pumps and wear them all the time. Wear them every day. They go with everything and never go out of style.

Any advice to people hoping to break into the fashion industry.
Just work hard and accept any types or challenges. If you love fashion, truly, it won’t be “work” even after 17 hour days it will be thrilling and make you feel satisfied. And never give up. I was told 300 times no. Then it just took one person to give me opportunities. Our former fashion director Nina Garcia was the one person who inspired me and gave me a chance and I owe my millions of opportunities and experiences all to her giving me a chance.

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