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Fashion News: Conde Nast to Open School; ‘Gossip Girl’ Collection to Hit Stores

2:34 PM

Nicki Minaj and Anna Wintour at New York Fashion Week[pic: style.mtv.com]

Ever dream of being educated in fashion by Conde Nast? That can now be a reality, thanks to the magazine house’s move to create the London-based Conde Nast International School of Fashion and Design. The school is slated for a 2012 opening, so if you’re looking to send in an application or just want the dets, check out Racked.

So what if you’re late for your lunch date? You must check out the Alexa Chung for Madewell look book. I promise it’ll be even better than the eye candy waiting downstairs. [Fashionista]

Bored at work or procrastinating on homework? Need the scoop on fashion week? Check out Lucky magazine’s extensive online coverage. It’s so much more fun than Facebook stalking your exes. [Lucky]

Alexander Wang devotees, take note: the renowned fashion designer will grace the cover of Out magazine’s October issue. Pick up your copy –and the exclusive interview that waits–on September 20. [Racked]

Romeo and Juliet Couture will release a Gossip Girl collection later this month. It’s about two years too late, but for some reason, I’m still ridiculously excited. [Elle]

Remember Nicki Minaj’s seriously attention-grabbing outfit at Fashion Week’s Carolina Herrera show? Well, apparently, her rainbow pom-pom concoction was ripped off from a 21-year-old designer.

Jessica Rogers of SomeDayNewYorker said:

“When I saw the photos [of Minaj at Carolina Herrera] I was in tears. I’ve worked very hard to make my dream of being a fashion designer come true. I have built contacts with Teen Vogue, Gaga, Katy Perry, and Marina and the Diamonds has worn my garments. [Now,] I feel like everything has crumbled down.” [Fashionista]

-Diana Denza

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