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Chat with Designer Lisa Vogel of Lux by Lisa Vogel

3:02 PM

Designer Lisa Vogel (L) with models during the 2013 Collection Preview

Who is the Lux by Lisa Vogel customer?
She is between 25 and 45, she's a jet setter and she likes to travel. She shops in higher end resorts and boutiques. She always looking for pieces that she can get multiple use from. A lot pieces in my collection are convertible, they can use a  few different ways. Whether it’s the swimwear or the mixing and matching of them to create new different looks and outfits or even with the cover ups they can really go from the beach to the bar. It makes for easy packing.

Inspiration for the collection for the 2013 season?
This year collection was inspired by a family trip to the Virgin Islands. So you’ll see these blues and in the hardware details like mother of pearl and pastel tones really represented the fish that I saw when I was snorkeling at Virgin Gorda.

How often do you travel for inspiration?
I love to travel,  I grew up traveling. My parents founded originally , the business, even though this is my collection. So i grew up traveling a lot because back in those days, the swimwear business would shutdown for the month of June and July. So I grew up traveling extensively.

Trends In Swimwear?
In swimwear this season, we’re seeing bright colors moving towards pastels. Pastels are kind of newer on the horizon. There some new tops that we’re calling flutter tops or crop tops, laser cut details and scenic tropical prints.

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