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Q&A with Becca Aronson, Co-Founder of Adornia

8:24 AM

Becca Aronson, Co-Founder of ADORNIA Fine Jewelry

As an avid  fashion magazine reader for many years, I've known of Becca Aronson work in the pages of Lucky Magazines as Accessories Editor. Years later Becca, out of the publishing world has launched with her business partner, Moran Amir Adornia.com, a fine jewelry e-tailer. I caught up with Becca to get the dish on Adornia.com and the shift from accessories editor to having her own business.

How would you describe the Adornia brand?
Trusted. Inspired. Feminine. ADORNIA is the modern girl's jeweler. We offer everything a woman needs in her jewelry box, from our personal pieces to our curated collections, all infused with undeniable style. We like to say ADORNIA is the Greek Goddess of Luxury and Beauty, and our collections are definitely made in her image! 

 How does Adornia differentiate between other online accessories boutique i.e jewelmint? Unlike other online accessories sites such as Jewelmint or Bauble Bar, we are a fine jeweler. We fuse the design direction most often found in costume jewelry with the quality and materials of fine jewelry, solid gold, pure silver, real diamonds and gemstones. With timeless materials our pieces are everlasting. An instant classic. We believe you should never have to sacrifice quality for style. Additionally we surround our pieces with complementary editorial content, from our collection look book photography to our blog United States of ADORNIA, we not only sell jewelry we are the go-to destination for women to learn about and engage in fine jewelry.

You were an accessories Editor at Lucky Magazine for a few years, how did being exposed to so much accessories help you launch this boutique?
As an Accessories Editor you are exposed to the entirety of the market. Working for LUCKY really allowed me to hone my eye and soak up as much information as possible about all things accessories. It also fueled my already burning love of jewelry, shoes, bags, well basically all accessories. In my job as a market editor I worked closely with our stylists to procure the perfect accessories for each photo shoot. We would work on 5-6 stories at a time so I was constantly on the hunt for the best of everything in the event we needed it. That hunter mentality definitely helps me when it comes time to put together our collections. Also my time spent in magazines prepared me to direct, style, and produce all of our editorial content, from photography to our blog and social media.
How was the transition between being an editor at a magazine and having your own brand?
 It's funny, a lot of aspects of my job are actually similar to those in my editorial days, except now I have free creative reign which I absolutely love! I would say it was bit of a bumpy transition leaving the editorial world and going back to school at Wharton to get my MBA, but the transition into having my own brand felt completely natural. I know I was absolutely meant to do this!

5.) Many fashion editors are leaving magazines and heading to retail, do you have an opinion on that?
Absolutely, I am all for it! As a fashion editor you spend your days looking at the creative output of others. If you have the reaction I did, "I want to do that too!", then I say go for it. In fashion there is often a separation between the business and the creative. I decided to get my MBA so that I would be able to meld the two together, and while business skills can definitely be taught, a skilled fashion eye cannot always be. Retail and editorial are complementary industries and more cross over between the two worlds can only help brands who want to get an inside track into the minds of their customers.

 What are favorite trends in fine jewelry?
Raw and organic stones, I'm simply obsessed! Anything that shows the natural beauty of the stone adds so much interest and character to a piece. If you walk the fine jewelry floor in any fashion forward department store you will see this trend taking hold everywhere. We echo this trend with pieces such as our raw sapphire and black diamond Amelia Earrings or our green sapphire Anya bracelet.

Black diamonds. There's something so mysterious and sultry about dark diamonds. It's perfect for fall. Given the choice between white swan and black swan, I'll pick black every time. Our black diamond Faith Ring or Agnes bracelet bring this deliciously dark trend to life.

What are some of your must-have pieces from Adornia.com?
1. Tricia necklace $325:
The sideways pendant necklace is an ADORNIA signature piece. I love our Tricia necklace because it adds just a subtle touch of sparkle with her diamond pave square and at just 16" she sits close to the neckline, the perfect base necklace for layering.
 2. Gemma Ring $795:
The Gemma Ring is one of my absolute favorite pieces. A blue sapphire surrounded by .70 carats of black diamonds. It's part of our Earthly Delights collection which is in my opinion the epitome of ethereal beauty. I love the way Gemma sparkles.
 3. Andrea Earrings $475:
These 14 karat gold beauties are part of our new winter Heavy Metal collection. They are perfect for the girl who wants to dress up for that holiday party but wants to keep a bit of an edge. There is something so sleek and sexy about the matted texture of these danglers.
4. Valerie Earrings-$495:
I have a weakness for turquoise and the Valerie Earrings are no exception. These cascading drop earrings are hand crafted for us by Native American artisans in Nevada. Their unique design looks just as good with a flowy dress as a t shirt and jeans. I like to wear mine to the beach...

The Holidays are coming up, why do you think jewelry tends to be a popular gift to give to someone?
The best gifts are the ones that are personal, and you don't get more personal than jewelry. It's your first layer of style, a layer many women never take off once put on. Often times jewelry is tied to emotion, for both the giver and the gift recipient. If it's the thought that counts, giving the gift of jewelry shows that you truly care. Plus, you'll be hard pressed to find a girl who doesn't get excited at the prospect of unwrapping that little box and finding something sparkly inside. Though it is a popular gift, jewelry can be a tough landscape to navigate come holiday time, especially for the men in our lives. This is why we organized our gift guide by personal style (Classic Beauty, Boho Glamour, etc). You find the style that best matches your girl (or yourself!) and your holiday shopping is foolproof.

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