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Frank & Oak, a Premier Online Menswear Brand

12:35 PM

Frank and Oak, a menswear brand that is only 10 months old that was founded in Montreal, Quebec already has their own stamp of how to sell to their customer in this digital age. Every month on the Frank and Oak ecommerce site members will be offered limited premium clothing such as sports jackets, suiting pieces and many other accessories for the modern gentlemen. The site also gives a personalized shopping experience with style advice and product suggestions. We all know some men don't like to hit the pavement and go shopping., but having a website that helps you through the process of what you need to look good is a major plus.
 To become a member all you need is a Facebook account and a desire to shop. However, because of the limited amount of clothing available each month, access to shop varies.

(Right)  Ethan Song, Co-Founder/CEO of Frank and Oak

Pics credit. Mike The Law

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