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Elyssa Dimant, author of The Style Mentors signs her new book

6:58 PM

Elyssa Dimant, author of The Style Mentors
In fashion, image is everything. Being a unpaid intern or the Creative Director of a luxury  brand the right image can equate to major results. Elyssa Dimant, auther of The Style Mentors has realized that the clothes we wear reflect who we are and how we want people to perceive us. In the book she shines light on major fashion icons and trends that help any woman elevate their look.

See what Elyssa Dimant had to say about about why she wrote The Style Mentors...

"I wrote The Style Mentors because I feel like it's important to think about what one wears as a point of identity and image, rather than a blind following of seasonal fashion. You should always feel comfortable in how you look, and sometimes being able to see more transparently the distinctly achievable "looks" that return to the fore of fashion again and again helps us imagine who we want to be when we stand in front of the mirror in the morning."
You can buy The Style Mentors here.

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