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Market Appointment: Wallis Fall/Winter 2013 Preview

10:33 PM

Wallis, is a UK based clothing retailer that recently had their fall 2013 preview. The brand only has stores in England. This winter they launched their E-commerce, which is great for their potential customers in the US. At their fall preview was also a peek at their current summer collection. The summer collection was great with colorful and flowy caftan and dresses, perfect for a the beach. But other than that, the Fall pieces were tailored with leather piping and other were embellished in sequin and snake skin. Lately, I've noticed many knock-off trends that are in some stores looks so contrived and forced that it's a little upsetting. The Senior Head designer, Sital Mehta was on hand to explain that for Fall, he wants the customer to have the runway trends but to look effortless. I love that idea! 

See more of Wallis Summer and Fall Collection...

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